Are Search Engines Rigged?

in OTC's Blog Fri Mar 03, 2017 10:16 am
by OTC • 72 Posts

One has to ask this question as for the past 7 years, there does not seem to be any changes on the first page of some of the so called most popular search engines! Why is that? Are there no new comers?

Not that I am complaining but when one entry is repeated at least 4 times on the same page, one must start questioning how independent and trustworthy are these search engines. Is it really simply following the myriad of instructions laid down by those who run these engines to get a business listed? Is it that some entries are paying to remain on certain pages forever?

It is certainly time for search engines to become more transparent and certainly time for us researchers to do a little bit more work and look beyond the first page.

Saying this now, will probably result in my listing being vanquished

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RE: Are Search Engines Rigged?

in OTC's Blog Thu Apr 27, 2017 11:38 am
by Kevin Tucker • 2 Posts

Search engines are copying Google who built the company around the search engine. People generally expect the main page to be static from the navigation standpoint because they operate out of habit. Some companies forget this fact and upset users by moving the most used functions to new places in the product where users can no longer find the function.

The next big jump with be where search engines disappear because its just a part of every product through predictive learning.

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