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Unemployment has become a world phenomenon particularly for under 25s. Unemployed, not unemployable. No one has mentioned why but I think that the reason is due to the rise and rise of automation and computer technology. The downturn in world trade has seen significant changes in the way businesses operate but vast improvements have taken place since the days of 2008.

Most entry level jobs are now automated. I cannot forget walking into my local supermarket and suddenly all the smiley faces had been replaced by 'self-check outs'. No longer were there any first-time workers finding their feet in the jobs world.

This is likely to become exacerbated as even Amazon is now contemplating delivering parcels with Drones and Rolls Royce is experimenting with Drones cargo delivery. Soon there will be no need for sea captains and crews! Will commercial airlines be flying Drone aeroplanes too??

The workplace has definitely changed and will continue to evolve.

Where does this leave college and even university leavers?

Thank goodness that the legal profession still requires men and women to prepare cases, become advocates and judges and, of course, to advise clients on the various aspects of their legal issues.

As the law continues to expand its need for legal personnel and remains one of the mainstays for professionals, we will continue to offer professional training for those wishing to have a career in law.

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